4 Reasons To Pick Clear Window Tinting Film For Your Car

Posted on: 8 September 2015

Tired of driving around with the sun beating down on you all summer, but stuck in a state with restrictions on automotive window tinting? Find the perfect compromise by trying one of the new nearly transparent films now available. These clear window tints offer four specific benefits to the driver who doesn't want a darker color.

Meets State Requirements

Each state sets specific rules on how dark a tint you can add to the windows, with different light blocking percentages set for the windshield and side windows. A clear film allowing 86% of light through to the interior fits even the strictest rules set across the country. The lightness of the tint prevents you from getting pulled over and issued tickets for violating local regulations.

Reduces Skin Cancer Risks

Your windshield features extra coating to keep UV rays off your skin, but the rest of the windows around the sides and back of the car feature little to no stock protection against the damaging effects of sunlight. A clear window tint protects both the passengers and driver, no matter where anyone is seated in the car. This kind of film can also extend the lifespan of your upholstery and dashboard too.

Layers with Other Tints

While clear films work wonders for drivers who don't want dark windows, this product works for people on the other side of the spectrum too. If your windows are already tinted, either by the factory or an aftermarket installer, you can still add the nearly transparent film over the colored glass for extra heat and UV blocking power. There's no need to spend a ton on having the existing film stripped off and replaced when the new clear layer goes on quickly.

Lowers the Heat a Few Degrees

Finally, consider the temperature of your car on a hot summer's day. Get more out of your air conditioner and stop fiddling with a flimsy folding reflective windshield screen when a clear layering of film can reduce interior temperatures by blocking as much as 60% of the solar heat getting into the car. Imagine being able to hop in your car and take off after work without burning yourself on a leather seat that spent hours baking in the sun.

Don't try to install these types of clear films yourself in the car windows. Let a professional installer plan and apply the film to prevent peeling, bubbles, and other defects that make it hard to see out of the covered glass.


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