Your Car's Paint Can Be Damaged In The Simplest Of Ways

Posted on: 27 June 2018

When you get that nice paint job put on your car you already know there are many ways it can be damaged, such as by getting dinged by carts in a shopping strip parking lot, having pine cones or other things fall on it from trees or even by being keyed if you park in a way some vindictive person doesn't like. However, there are many ways the paint can receive damages that you may have never thought of before. Luckily, there is also something you can do to protect the paint from many of these things. Learn about some surprising ways paint can be harmed and what you can do to prevent it from happening right here.

Dust on the car can lead to paint damage

You may not give much thought to allowing your car to get a little dusty. However, dust can really scratch the paint on your car. If you even lightly brush against the car with your arm, you can push those tiny dust particles against the paint and move them, causing tiny scratches. While the scratches may not be harsh enough to see, they can affect the shininess of the paint. This is also why you do not want to allow kids to write messages on your car with their finger. Use a microfiber cloth designed for cars to dust or wash your car regularly to help avoid these types of damages.

Rain and even water from sprinklers can damage the paint 

When rain lands on your car, it also puts environmental pollutants on the paint. This can leave your car dirty which leads to the same issues you would have with dust, except you have to wash the car to remove the rain stains. Both rain stains and sprinkler water will dry into stains the sun will hit right on, and the sun can actually cause those stains to become burnt into the paint.

Bird poo can be damaging to your car's paint 

No one likes to walk out to their car to see that a bird has targeted it and left a big white dropping on it. However, to add even more insult to injury, those droppings can damage the paint because birds eat seeds, and this makes their droppings gritty. It's that grit that can harm the paint. Not to mention, leaving the droppings on the car for a length of time can also cause staining.

You can protect your paint by having protection film put on the car 

Having protective film put over the paint of your car will put a protective layer between exterior elements and the paint. This means the film will act as a shield for the paint in a way. The protective film is designed to allow your car to still maintain its shiny, nice paint appearance. Even though you decide to have this protective coating put on your car, you still want to take precautions to keep the car from getting paint damage.

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