Jobs Available At Your Full-Service Car Wash

Posted on: 3 September 2018

Need work? Not interested in flipping burgers, waiting tables, or washing dishes? Then maybe working at a full-service car wash works for you. The following jobs are commonly available at these particular types of car wash businesses.

Interior Car Cleaner

This is the person that cleans out the inside of your vehicle. Usually, everything is thrown away, unless you specify which items are not to be thrown. If you take this job, you have to be rather flexible, since you will get into all kinds of cockeyed positions and all kinds of cars and trucks to clean them out. You will also have to stick your hands into a lot of bizarre stuff you did not know was hiding under car seats. Still, for your hourly pay, it is nice to have work that has a lot of downtime to think about what you want to do next.

Car Wiper/Waxer

Most car washes that still hire people have employees who hand-dry, buff, and wipe off wax by hand. This is a lot of rapid movement, as you will work at the very end of the automated wash and you will need to be quick about your job so that customers can get in and drive off. You are also responsible for catching those tiny crevices where the automated washer components could not reach or missed completely.


The cashier sits or stands behind the register and the registration desk. Like any other cashiering job, he/she takes payment and resolves payment disputes. As a cashier, you may also be asked to promote specials and upsell services. 


Yes, even car wash shops have a maintenance crew. The purpose is obvious; it would be your responsibility to keep the machines running properly, clean the bathrooms and waiting area, and make calls for plumbing and electrical repairs as needed. In fact, you may be surprised to learn just how much maintenance these seemingly simple shops require.

Applying for Available Positions

Most people like yourself find car wash work agreeable. Positions fill quickly, so it is important to apply right when you see the postings. Decide in advance if you are willing to work any job in a car wash, or only certain jobs. Also, if you choose to accept one position when you wanted another, you can always ask for the other position when it opens up. Working in the car wash already gives you first crack at that other position when it becomes available.

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