• Jobs Available At Your Full-Service Car Wash

    Need work? Not interested in flipping burgers, waiting tables, or washing dishes? Then maybe working at a full-service car wash works for you. The following jobs are commonly available at these particular types of car wash businesses. Interior Car Cleaner This is the person that cleans out the inside of your vehicle. Usually, everything is thrown away, unless you specify which items are not to be thrown. If you take this job, you have to be rather flexible, since you will get into all kinds of cockeyed positions and all kinds of cars and trucks to clean them out.
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  • Your Car's Paint Can Be Damaged In The Simplest Of Ways

    When you get that nice paint job put on your car you already know there are many ways it can be damaged, such as by getting dinged by carts in a shopping strip parking lot, having pine cones or other things fall on it from trees or even by being keyed if you park in a way some vindictive person doesn't like. However, there are many ways the paint can receive damages that you may have never thought of before.
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